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please fuck me hard Alecia Fox is an adorable young blonde who loves to be touched slow and firm As shes reading an erotic book the words start stir her imagination and she fantasizes about getting it just like that Soon imagination gives life to reality and our tender bookworm is going down on her man getting him hard and ready to meet her desires And when he does you get a real taste as to what shes like Wild desperate hungry for cock He slams it in her in every position imaginable satisfying her beyond belief Aint it wonderful when a girl gets what she wants
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blind date Lara and Kristof have been together for a while and some of the passion is gone Lately shes been getting sexts from a stranger but being a good girl she hasnt replied Well now she is replying and he seems kind of familiar So finally she decides to meet him on a blind date and when she shows up theres Kristof Yep he tricked her and caught her trying to go behind his back for some naughty action Well you know how he handles it dont you Thats right The two start getting it on both of them aroused by whats happened So come in and watch this action because Lara is so hot especially when shes been caught sneaking around!
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